A Perfect Rainy Day for a Picnic…an indoor picnic!

Its been a busy past few days for us, new washer & dryer installed, water heater relocated, our first parent teacher conference, and the most exciting news…Ella’s first loose tooth!  As all of our outdoor plans had to be squashed today as the rain was seriously coming down, I figured it was the perfect day for a picnic.  I grew up in Wisconsin, which is not known for its good weather, (its known for the entire state being obsessed with football and cheese…)  So I am quite accustomed to inside activities such as turning the entire house into a “fort”, spa & movie days and my personal favorite…the indoor picnic and the indoor roller skating rink (but that is for another post).

For the indoor picnic, what you need is a blanket, some goods tunes, a board game or cards for after eating, picnic basket if so desired, a good attitude and time.  The wildlife (pets) will most likely join you  so makes sure you have a little nibble for them as well.

We enjoyed our picnic lunch on the floor laughing and enjoying the great indoors.  I’m thankful for these precious moments.  Laughing under the skylight eating picnic pizza as the rain is falling.

I am working on the following posts that will be up soon:  Kid Friendly Restaurants/ Days-Restaurants where children eat free, Recipes, Kids Clothing/ deals, Shopping Deals, Reviews, Salons and Openings…I hope to have a little something for everyone.

On a side note…the Westside Thanksgiving, Community Dinner & Celebration is still seeking donations and volunteers for set up and clean up.   Please check out the link, it is such an incredible organization.  Last year more than 1,200 volunteers served 2,500 meals and distributed tons of clothing and blankets.  They provide hundreds of children’s immunizations, haircuts and free medical consultations.   All by donation!!

The Westside Thanksgiving Community Dinner & Celebration is open to everyone. No reservations are necessary… just come to the
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on Thanksgiving day.  Dinner from 11am – 3pm

Stay dry friends and drive safe today!

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